Ten West Link Transmission Line receives California Public Utilities Commission Approval

November 8, 2021 in Press Releases

Highly Anticipated High-Voltage Transmission Infrastructure Project to Enhance Grid in Arizona and California

GREENWICH, Conn. Nov. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ – – On November 4, 2021, the California Public Utilities Commission (“CPUC”) unanimously approved the issuance of a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity for the construction and operation of the Ten West Link high-voltage transmission project (“Ten West Link”).  Ten West Link will improve grid efficiency and reliability, while enabling new renewable energy and energy storage resources.

When completed, this new transmission superhighway will have the capacity to transmit 3,200 MW between Central Arizona and Southern California, improving the reliability of the bulk power system serving the two regions, while reducing costs to ratepayers. Additionally, Ten West Link will facilitate development of new renewable energy solar and solar plus storage resources in the rapidly growing Desert Southwest region.

The Project is expected to be operational in 2023.  The capacity of the Project will become part of the California grid, managed by the California Independent System Operator Corporation (“CAISO”), making Ten West Link a critical transmission asset serving the needs of the electric consumers in the Golden State and beyond.

Ten West Link is sponsored by DCR Transmission, L.L.C. (“DCRT”), an affiliate of Starwood Energy Group Global, LLC (“Starwood Energy”), a private investment firm with extensive experience in developing, financing, owning and operating a highly diverse portfolio of energy infrastructure projects.   DCRT was chosen to develop the Ten West Link by the CAISO following a comprehensive competitive solicitation in 2015.

Himanshu Saxena, Chief Executive Officer of Starwood Energy, said “We are very appreciative that both Arizona and California have endorsed the economic, reliability and environmental benefits that the Ten West Link project will provide to the region.  We appreciate the support from CAISO throughout the development phase of this critical infrastructure project. Expanding our nation’s electric transmission network is critical to maintaining a strong, resilient and reliable grid, and to the continued decarbonization of the energy infrastructure.”

Mr. Saxena cited the essential role played by various participants with DCRT in the proceeding, working together to minimize cultural, environmental and visual impacts.   He concluded: “Transmission projects are challenging to accomplish. This milestone approval by the CPUC builds on more than five years of collaborative effort with individuals, businesses, State and Federal agencies, and other stakeholders. In the years to come, Starwood Energy is committed to the development of more critical infrastructure projects such as Ten West Link.”

 About Starwood Energy Group Global, LLC

Starwood Energy is a private equity investment firm based in Greenwich, CT that specializes in energy infrastructure investments. Through its existing general opportunity funds and affiliated investment vehicles, Starwood Energy has raised in excess of $3 billion of equity capital and has executed transactions totaling more than $8 billion in enterprise value, including numerous investments in conventional and renewable power generation (Wind and Solar) , transmission assets, including innovative high voltage underwater transmission cables,  and other ESG focused investments such as Battery Storage and the production of Ammonia, Hydrogen, Renewable Natural Gas and Renewable Diesel. For more information, please visit swenergy.ua.verbinteractive.com.