About Lotus Infrastructure

Lotus Infrastructure specializes in infrastructure investments along the entire value chain of energy and related sectors as well as other industries that benefit from sustainability and energy transition trends. Our main focus areas include renewable power generation, battery storage, renewable and low-carbon fuels, electric transmission, thermal power, and midstream and downstream assets. Our longstanding focus on renewable energy solutions provides us unique perspectives on recent developments in the energy transition space including sustainability, electrification and decarbonization of the global economy. Lotus Infrastructure has raised in excess of $3 billion of equity capital and has executed transactions totaling more than $8 billion in enterprise value, inclusive of approximately $2.8 billion in enterprise value related to the development and construction of renewable assets such as wind farms, solar farms, renewable natural gas (RNG) projects, energy storage and biomass power plants. The Lotus Infrastructure team brings extensive multi-functional expertise to all of its investments including development, construction, operations, acquisition and financing.


Recent trends in the energy sector and a global focus on the energy transition have blurred the lines between traditional energy infrastructure and other industrial sectors that require solutions towards decarbonization, sustainability and energy efficiency. Based on a longstanding history of identifying trends across the entire infrastructure and energy value chains, Lotus Infrastructure is dedicated to pursuing attractive, risk-adjusted returns from both opportunistic acquisitions and development of infrastructure assets.

We evaluate potential opportunities based on the following key criteria in order to reduce downside risk, optimize financial flexibility and maximize exit opportunities for the investments:

  • Hard assets
  • Cash flow profile, strength and certainty
  • Technology risk / established technology
  • Stage of development
  • Commercial opportunities
  • Revenue hedging opportunities
  • Cost certainty and predictability

We evaluate these criteria through the lens of our hands-on approach and active partnership with world-class developers and operating partners to add value at every stage of the investment process.

To identify opportunities, Lotus Infrastructure executives leverage long-standing relationships across the industry and with developers and asset owners. Our executives have a demonstrated track record of successfully originating transactions through proprietary channels rather than agent-led auctions.

Lotus Infrastructure’s equity investments typically range from $50 million to $200 million or more, the “middle market” that Lotus Infrastructure believes affords more diverse opportunities, negotiated transactions and attractive values.

Our Investments

We are dedicated to infrastructure assets that support the needs of reliability, efficiency, sustainability and energy transition.

    Coram Wind

    BerQ RNG

    Hudson Transmission Project

    Edgewater Generation Portfolio

    Marcus Hook Energy Center

     848MW in southwest of Philadelphia, PA

    Calpeak Power

    Gulf Coast Ammonia