NeuVentus Announces Moss Bluff Project

May 17, 2023 in Press Releases

Moss Bluff Salt Dome is Located in the Heart of Existing Hydrogen Infrastructure and Energy Transition Hubs

HOUSTON, May 17, 2023/PRNewswire/ — NeuVentus, LLC (“NeuVentus”) today announced it has secured site control and other ancillary agreements providing for development rights (the “Agreements”) with GCL/Kyle Dome Storage, LLC and GC Land, LLC on the Moss Bluff Salt Dome in Liberty and Chambers Counties, Texas. The Agreements include sufficient property for NeuVentus to develop up to 12 salt caverns to store a broad variety of products, the exclusive right to develop hydrogen cavern storage on certain acreage and rights to obtain easements for related infrastructure over 3,000 acres above and adjacent to the Moss Bluff Salt Dome, such as groundwater production, brine disposal, and high voltage electrical access. The Moss Bluff Salt Dome is a proven geological formation with existing high pressure storage facilities currently operating on the dome, including an existing hydrogen storage cavern.

NeuVentus plans to develop its first cavern at Moss Bluff for hydrogen storage with an expected Commercial Operation Date in 2026 / 2027. The project site is located one mile from three existing hydrogen pipelines and seven miles from the ERCOT/MISO boundary. Once the Moss Bluff storage project is developed, NeuVentus will provide fee-for-service transportation and storage services, which will be a key enabler of the energy transition.

“We are excited to announce our first salt cavern storage project location at Moss Bluff,” said NeuVentus CEO Sam Porter. “Moss Bluff has an excellent location in the heart of existing and planned hydrogen, carbon capture and other energy transition infrastructure. With numerous announced projects along the Upper Gulf Coast of Texas, Moss Bluff is poised to become a vital hydrogen hub providing system flexibility, stability and liquidity across numerous interconnections. We look forward to becoming a trusted industry partner to some of the world’s largest companies as we provide them with reliable storage and transportation services.”

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