Lotus named best for Energy Infrastructure – USA by Wealth & Finance

May 26, 2015 in Press Releases

United Kingdom, 26 May 2015 – Starwood Energy Group Global were awarded “Best for Energy Infrastructure Investments – USA” at the 2015 Wealth & Finance Alternative Investment Awards.

These prestigious awards are all about giving credit where it’s due to the businesses, departments and individuals setting the pace for others to follow in what is one of the business world’s most diverse and fascinating industries.

Starwood Energy Group specializes in energy infrastructure investments, with a focus on natural gas and renewable power generation, and transmission assets. WF Alternative Investment Awards 2015 Magazine (Starwood) (2)

Speaking about their award, Awards Coordinator Peter Rujgev commented: “The Alternative Investment Awards honour those who are on the cutting edge of providing new and ground-breaking solutions for their clients. With such a tremendous amount of competition for the program this year, it is an honour to acknowledge Starwood Energy Group for this award and wish them another year full of success and inspiration.”

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